Today was fairly uneventful which, – in the world of 3rd grade teachers – is a pretty good thing.  My eats, however, were anything but mundane. They were outstanding…and oh so filling.

Lunch was an enormous salad – that kept me full for 4.5 hours.

Bottom to top: raw cabbage, steamed carrots and broccoli, hummus, and spicy mustard.

I also added a gardenburger before chowing down.

Around 3:00, my class celebrated a birthday with Krispy Kremes – I had one delicious bite.

At around 4:00, my lunch started wearing off, and I snacked a bit.

Chocolate Brownie Z Bar + a pink lady

Then, at 5:00, a co-worker and I chatted about the wonders of The Magic Bullet and now I’m fully convinced that I need one. (That and spiralizer. FYI for anyone one out there taking notes on what to get me when my birthday/Christmas rolls around next year).

Dinner was a new recipe – Rigattone with Vodka sauce…uh, minus the vodka.


I’m not much of a drinker, so going to the liquor store for vodka (which I only needed a splash of) seemed like a silly waste of time and money. The sauce was delicious without it.

I’m also not fanatic about pasta, it makes me sleepy. However, I bulked it up with some spinach to try to ward off the drowsy after effects.

Highlight from the 3rd grade world…

This flower, along with a note that said: I promise to be a good Noodle, and never ever get in trouble again.

Highlight from the non-third grade world…

This hat from Kelsey! I won a giveaway a few days ago, and I came home to this incredibly warm, snuggly surprise! I haven’t taken the hat off…too bad I can’t wear it at school.

Check out if you want one of these bad boys for yourself.

With that, me and my blue hat are off to get a little tidbit for dessert…I’m thinking dark chocolate tonight…

What kitchen gadget do you recommend or really want to try out? I have three that I really want: a magic bullet, a spiralizer, and a milk frother.

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