Ahh, nothing like a day off of work, and a short week to look forward to.

I started my morning with a nice sunny run, followed by yoga for runners.

Then refueled with oats in a jar.

I added two egg whites while cooking to pump up the protein.

And coffee while I puzzled.

After a lot of laundry, cleaning up the backyard, and more puzzle time, I made lunch.

The heel of my homemade bread, scooped out, and filled with cottage cheese, spinach, chickpeas and ranch seasoning.

(That’s Meeker’s hand in the back, dutifully working while I chowed down)

Dessert was a hot cocoa baby

I actually managed to pull myself away from the puzzle (which, by the way, is a winter wonderland scenea lot of white snow pieces) and ran some errands, cleaned the bathrooms, and then made a new recipe for dinner!

Plus a lovely side salad

Now, I’m gearing up for tomorrow. I’m so excited because I’m using my temporary gym pass and going to a 5:30 spin class in the morning! That means I not only have to pack lunch, but breakfast as well…I wonder how I’ll get my coffee…? I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

Until then, there is a new loaf of bread in the bread maker, Jason Mraz
(who I absolutely l-o-v-e) is on TV, and I have spelling tests to grade.

Happy last few hours of the long weekend!

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