I started the day with an hour of Dave Farmar yoga, then hustled myself out the door to work. Eleven hours later, I strolled back in the door and crashed.

Here are the highlights, in terms of food at least.

¼ cup cottage cheese, 1 sliced apple, a handful of toasted cashews and cinnamon

I also had a piece of toast to fill me up.

Lunch was a hodge podge

A salad dressed with hummus, leftover jambalaya and half a banana nut muffin that I swiped from the staff lounge.

Then around 4pm, I had a pretty substantial snack.

A tangelo, two fudge babies and a mini packet of sunbutter

After coming home, I really didn’t want to cook, so I threw together a salad…quick and tasty.

A Portobello garden burger, corn, black beans, salsa and a few chips. Perfect flavor combination.

I’m planning on another early morning spin class tomorrow, so I’m thinking a snack and an early bedtime are in order. Additionally, tomorrow is my last day of the week with kiddos! We have a teacher work day on Friday, so tomorrow is pretty much my last day of the week – and there are some fun activities planned in the third grade world.

What do you eat when you don’t feel like cooking?

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