Third, and last, day of the week for Mrs. Unger.

Actually, I do have to be at work tomorrow, but the kiddos don’t – so it’s pretty much a day off.

Before spin class this morning, I had a little combo that I’ve become quite fond of.

Then, after a killer workout (I LOVE SPINNING!!) I had a banana + an apple + sunbutter + coffee. Sorry, no pictures – it was eaten in the car. Here are some recycled images in case you have forgotten what apples and bananas look like.

Incidentally, it is Vegan Thursday.

I came home for lunch and had the exact dinner that I had yesterday.

Lettuce, black beans, corn, salsa, Portobello Gardenburger, chips. B-e-a-utiful.

I also brought some more coffee and another apple.

It was a two coffee day…more on that later.

When I came home, Meeker was proudly standing by a crock pot full of chili that he had made, and even though it is vegan Thursday, I could hardly pass up an already cooked meal, made by a sweet husband. So I had a mug full.

ground elk meat, onion, black beans and fire roasted tomatoes.

We have a lot of elk because of a brother-in-law’s hunting trip last month. Last time I tried elk, I hated it. BUT elk chili is a whole different story. This was delicious, and I’m so happy to have leftovers.

Highlights from the 3rd grade world…

I have a marble jar in my room, and when the students are particularly well-behaved, they get a marble. When the marble jar is filled, the class gets a reward. We filled our marble jar last week, and for the reward, the students planned an afternoon at the drive-in movies…in the classroom.

They all made cardboard cars (with the exception of the two cheaters who used pre-made school buses) and sat in them while we watched Ratatouille this afternoon. Then we had a car competition (as they dubbed it) and voted on the best car. The winners got free homework passes.

1st Place:

A sweet race car – complete with a cup holder and a steering wheel.

2nd Place:

Hippy Van!

3rd Place:

A Jeep (the parents totally made this one…)

Honorable mention:

It was a fun, but CRAZY afternoon in room 154.

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