This morning, after a nice walk with the Punk, I had a very satisfying breakfast.

Oats in a very empty almond butter jar. I’m not even sure there was any almond butter in there – I cleaned that sucker out pretty well with a spoon earlier this week.

These oats were pure mush. I cooked ½ cup of oats in THREE cups of water for about 40 minutes (on low) while I got ready for work – the result…major volume. I also added a little plain yogurt to make them creamy and wonderful – then topped it all with a handful of Quaker oat squares. I sat down to eat this, and then realized I need to leave for work, so I screwed the cap on, and ate it at my desk instead.

The lighting is waaaay better at my school, anyways.

I drank a ton of water today (mostly because I didn’t pack enough food), and then for lunch, I had a measly few bites of soup (literally, like 5 bites) – it is a tiny Tupperware.

This deliciousness was left over from last night. It contained: ground turkey, zucchini, sweet potato, onion, garlic.

I also had some new applesauce (from a giveaway I won!)

…mixed with ½ cup of cottage cheese.

Ooh man, you MUST try this applesauce AND this combination. Holy moly, both incredible things.

And an orange!

Always so cheery!

Now I’m home, contemplating what to do for dinner and feeling a little lazy. Any suggestions? I may just snack while watching The Biggest Loserjust watching people on diets workout makes me hungry.

Highlights from the 3rd grade world…

My kids are obsessed with red pens, and they are always smuggling them off of my desk. However, when I saw this, it totally made my day. Look closely, I’m wearing a shirt with my name on it!

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