After my veggieless day, yesterday, I honestly woke up craving green.

Quick Fix – a green monster with ½ a banana, 1 scoop protein powder, a lot of spinach, water, almond milk. Very filling, very yummy.

Lunch looked less-than appetizing, but it actually hit the spot.

First up was broccoli slaw with hummus and balsamic vinegar.

Next, I mixed some cottage cheese with berry applesauce.

I’m aware that this looks disgusting, but trust me, it’s way, way better than it looks.

Then I snagged a handful of an interesting trail mix I found in the lounge…

I found out later it was made by the kindergarten class for their “hundred day” party. We have been in school for 100 days! Hard to believe.

I snacked on this guy I found stashed in my purse around 4pm.

You can even see that beautiful three-item-ingredient list: dates, pecans, almonds. Yuuum.

Back at home, I was craving veggies, Again. Isn’t it cool how your body knows what kinds of foods you need to balance things out? I think so.

The produce drawer was low, so I reached for the last of the broccoli slaw and sautéed it in evoo and bbq sauce. Meanwhile, I baked some tofu (seasoned with salt, garlic powder and chili powder). Later, I combined them all, and dabbed the tofu with more bbq sauce. Holy yum. I wanted this x5.

Then, I ate a bowl of cereal for dessert (unpictured).

In the 3rd grade world…

Another fantastic student/teacher picture:

This picture makes me feel all squishy. Geez, I love third graders.

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