I had the happiest day.

No particular reason, just a lot of little happy things: A mom brought me a huge latte this morning. I had a yummy lunch of chicken and zucchini. I loved my outfit. We played a fun game during writing (I like it when the kids like learning). It is NO LONGER pitch black when I leave work at 6:30. LOST comes back tomorrow. I just ate a perfect bowl of vanilla ice cream.

In other news, I forgot my camera at home today. The only meal I really sat down to was dinner, which I didn’t cook. Meeker suggested that I make life easy for myself and cash-in one of our holiday gift cards and pick up some Chili’s. I had a fantastic chicken quesadilla. It has been over a month since we’ve eaten a single meal that was not made in our own kitchen. Nothing like a free meal without dishes.

What was one happy little thing about your Monday?

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