I started the day with pilates and this trashcan sized mug…

No, not coffee…(although I did have that later, too)

A monster! Of the green variety. Banana, raspberries, spinach, water.

I also had a piece of toast with almond butter about an hour later.

I finally found the jars at Sprouts…where else?

Lunch was light and enjoyable.

Hot water, Mix 1, KIND bar, Clementine.

I’d never had one of these before, but yum. Loved it.

If you missed my review of the stats on these puppies, look back, they’re pretty stellar. As for the taste, this was mango flavor and it was also stellar. Really, really yummy. Not too sweet, perfectly mango-y. I would spend my own money on this product.

I also had a random piece of bread as I was passing through the staff lounge, and a lot of tea. Green Ginger Tazo to be specific.

After a long day, and a long meeting, my in-laws took us out to sushi to celebrate Tuesday! Two consecutive nights of restaurant eating? I’m getting spoiled.

I started with edamame, and continued with this beautiful boat full.

…and another

The family goes big when sushi is involved. I probably had 7 – 8 pieces, and stopped when I was perfectly full.

Highlights from the 3rd grade world…

This snazzy ring and the icing from a very yummy birthday cupcake!

Now, it’s time for LOST.

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