Whenever the air smells like cows in Colorado, a storm is brewing. The air blows from Greely, CO – where the cattle are kept, and it permeates the whole state. It’s like our own weather warning system. While we get ready for snow, you get ready for a veggie fest…

I loved everything about my lunch


(Thanks Tona!!!)


I also snacked throughout the afternoon (I have to eat lunch early – like 11:20) on an apple, a Z Bar, and a bouquet of carrots and hummus (I loved that description Deane!)

Then I came home early to prepare a magnificent veggiful dinner.

Pre-roasting, drizzled with evoo and seasoned with salt/pepper

Beets, carrots, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and a sweet potato into the oven for about 40 minutes @ 425*

My portion – with a sautéed chicken tender in the background. All eaten with chopsticks (I’m trying to not be in such a rush all the time – chopsticks help)

This meal was so good I feel like screaming it from the rooftop – but I guess typing it into cyberspace will have to do. Beets are so fantastic. So are Brussels, carrots and cauliflower. Oh yeah, and sweet potatoes have my heart. Roast them all together…too good for words.

Now I’m munching on flax cookies for dessert

Such a tasty day.

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