Love that morning sunlight!

My breakfast was disgusting – so I’m not even dignifying it with a picture. For some reason, my sleepy tastebuds thought it would be a good idea to put eggs and salsa on top of a pancake. Yeah, what was I thinking? It was gross – as I’m sure anyone of you could have told me it would be. I had to eat a square of dark chocolate afterwards just to erase the taste.

However, I had breakfast redemption when I got to school and remembered a mom had sent in some walnut banana bread yesterday. So glad I saved it for this morning.

Absolutely delicious. Thank you Tona!

Then at lunchtime, I realized that I really hadn’t been thinking this morning. Here is what I packed for lunch:

Carrots (x5) +salsa

ww pita with peanut butter, cinnamon and cayenne pepper

Really? I thought this was going to keep me full for the 11 hours I’m at work??

It didn’t even keep me full until noon. So, when my kids went to music at 1:30, I went to the grocery store and picked up some goodies for my rumbly tummy.

Fantastic trail mix – cashews, almonds walnuts, raisins, pistachios – on sale at Sprouts! Plus, a kombucha – also on sale!

I had only tried this drink before – and I actually really liked it – very vinegar-like and tangy. This plus the trial mix kept me full right through dinnertime.

Dinner was anti-climatic, but yummy nonetheless. I was so stinkin’ tired when I got home, all I could muster up was a yogurt mess.

  • Plain yogurt
  • 1 scoop chocolate protein powder
  • Cinnamon squares
  • More sprouts trial mix from earlier
  • Walnut butter

The walnut butter was from a very exciting package I got when I came home from work…

I bought the big walnut butter, and got some free samples (more walnut butter, tahini, cashew butter) for free with my purchase! Walnuts are my favorite, so I’m super excited about it. Be prepared to see this lot in the near future.

In the 3rd grade world…

This made me laugh.

The student was writing a report about Teddy Roosevelt. Not only did the spelling mistake make me chuckle, but this student wrote a whole paper about how Theodore Roosevelt (or Rosabelt) was a famous American solely because he invented teddy bears.

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