I started this morning with the best green monster I’ve ever had.

I just keep adding liquid or fruit until I get the consistency that I like. This was so dang good and it kept me full for FIVE hours. That never happens, folks.

  • Vanilla soy milk
  • Frozen raspberries
  • Frozen banana
  • Vanilla protein powder
  • Lotsa spinach
  • Water
  • Big spoonful of peanut butter

For lunch, the fantastic parents at my school threw us a staff lunch. They do this on the last Thursday of every month, and I am constantly looking forward to it. Here was my plate today:

2 wraps, carrots, celery (x4), lil’ smoky sausages. If nothing else, my diet has variety.

For snack, I had the last of my mix 1 smoothies

I drank half before I worked out, and half after. ‘Twas perfect.

After school, some teachers and I did a turbo jam DVD in the school gym – it was fun and I felt adequately exercised and very energetic afterwards. So much so, that I came home and took Punky for a walk in the freshly falling snow. Can I just say that I am so beyond ready for summertime?? I miss my sweaty mid-morning runs so much that it hurts. However, the chilly walk was kind of fun – I like big snowflakes, and I usually like my dog.


Thinned out pancakes (crepes) with plain yogurt, cinnamon, coconut and a sprinkling of trail mix. I had this plate x3 – heck yeah. I made this for two reasons:

  1. They sounded insanely delicious and I love breakfast for dinner
  2. I really want to win some Artisana goodies

In the 3rd grade world…

Some parent sent their little angel to school with a brand new set of smelly markers. They were such a hit; the kiddos were trying to trade and finagle for them all day. One smart boy quickly snatched a marker and drew a blue blob right under his nose so that he could smell blueberries all day. Not a bad idea if you are eight and have no pride. But little did the “marker snatcher” (or any of the kids) know that he resembled a blueberry version of Adolf Hitler.

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