Hello! I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my spring break cleaning.

Meeker came home at lunch today, and I was deep into my to-do list, cleaning, folding, organizing and smiling. He promptly told me to settle down, and reminded me that I was on Spring BREAK. However, despite what it looked like (I was mid-pantry clean out when he walked in) – I AM very much enjoying the time I have to do these things. I squeezed in some yummy food and fun as well.

Breakfast was toast (from homemade bread) and butter and a HUGE glass of milk. I felt like I was 5 years old – toast and milk, yummy. I then took Punky for a nice walk, did some chores and then made an enormous salad for lunch.

Lettuce, cucumber, shredded carrot, guacamole, black bean hummus – and a leftover crumbled tortilla chip from Meeker’s lunch.

Plus ½ cup plain yogurt with ½ cup pumpkin flax granola

The day was so irresistibly warm and nice that I took Punky for another outing after lunch.

She watched me eat my lunch with this look on her face – I couldn’t say no to another walk.

For Meeker’s dinner I made him buffalo burgers and roasted cabbage wedges.

Then I left him to enjoy the above meal – while I went out with friends!

I’ve known these girls since jr. high – and we try to meet-up for dinner once a month. Tonight, we went to a place called Steuben’s in downtown Denver. It was a fun old diner type restaurant. I ordered salmon.

Plus yellow beets, brussels sprouts, polenta and braised fennel. So yum. I had never had yellow beets before, but they tasted just like the red variety. I also thought the fennel was onion until I looked at the menu online. I enjoyed every bite – I practically licked my plate clean.

I wish EVERY ONE of you had spring break. At the very least, I hope you can just take some time to settle down and enjoy life for a second today!

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