In October, the first snow of the season is always exciting. Even the snow through January is enjoyable. However, come March (or April, or May…) the snow gets old. Snow during spring break is a very typical occurrence in Colorado. While it makes me want to curl up in bed and dream of warm beaches, after 25 years (um, am I really 25 years old??!) I’ve found that the best way to deal with a storm is to get out in it. The heavy snows seem less daunting if you can brave your way outside.

That’s exactly what I did this morning (after coffee and a green/brown monster).

The monster: spinach, kabocha squash (roasted), an orange, a handful of frozen berries, water

And I swear, there is no better workout thank shoveling a driveway full of heavy, wet, spring snow

Ahh, springtime in the Rockies. All that work really revved up my appetite!

Lunch – salad and toast

Lettuce, roasted cabbage, steamed cauliflower, crumbled bison burger, hummus, balsamic vinegar, nutritional yeast

I ended up picking out a lot of the bison and giving it to Punky. I just wasn’t feeling it, and Punky loved me for it. Other than that, it was delicious. But the toast was the MVP.

A friend (whom I call Mother Mary) baked this bread for me, she used hand ground millet – it’s insanely good. Meeker and I have polished off half the loaf that I brought home on Sunday.

The rest of the afternoon was spent grading, planning for next school week, and snacking on trail mix.

When dinner rolled around, I thought I would try a new breakfast dish…sweet potato hash brown. First, I shredded the ‘taters in the food processor, and set them on the counter to dry out a bit (this makes them nice and crispy…or so I’ve read)

Then I cooked them in olive oil on high heat, and topped with an egg and more toast.

Absolutely delicious. The hash browns were SO sweet.

Weeee! Meeker just walked in the door with a Dairy Queen Sundae to share. Love that boy.

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