(Say that title like “Hello, Newman”)

Eeesh it was tough getting up this morning, no? Well, I guess if you didn’t have a whirlwind spring break trip like I did, it might not have been so bad. I was seriously dragging this morning, but the day was surprisingly quick and painless.


Oats, kabocha, pepitas, chia seeds, pumpkin flax granola, cashew butter

Salad, kabocha, peas, roasted cabbage, balsamic vinegar

Yogurt covered raisins

String cheese rolled in deli sliced ham

Green stuff: asparagus, broccoli, spinach, garlic

Tomato sauce added and scooped on top of a little bit of pasta

¼ cup peanut butter cup trail mix

In the 3rd grade world…

A little boy walked up to me during math today and said:

Mrs. Unger, do you want to know the best part of my spring break?

I replied: “Of course! What was it?”

My uncle went to Antarctica and found a sick penguin and brought it back to me, and now I have a pet penguin!

Okay, so with lot kiddos, I would have dismissed this as a silly lie, and gone on with the day. However, a few things caused me to question the validity of this story. First, this boy’s knowledge of scientific facts far exceeds my own. He knows more about nebulas, reptiles, and our solar system than I know about cake. Secondly, he doesn’t lie. As a teacher, you know who lies and who doesn’t, and this student is factual and truthful. So I questioned him about his pet penguin for a good five minutes. He stuck to his guns. Apparently, his family bought out the salmon supply at our local grocery store. They also bought 100 cans of canned sardines for the little Antarctic bird. Finally, I straight up asked him: Are you lying to me??

He assured me he was not.

I’m very intrigued. This turned into the topic of conversation after school with my fellow teachers, and we ended up emailing his mom for confirmation because we were just so darn interested.

What do you think…could a 3rd grade boy from Colorado really have a pet penguin??

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