I let very few people into my crazy psyche. I think four people in my life have ever seen me lose it. Maybe five. But, I’m about to reveal a crazy moment to you all:

Today, I set an arbitrary goal to run 2 miles/sub 14:00. This might not sound awesome to a lot of you speedy runners out there, but I’ve never been fast. Okay, I used to be fast in high school. I used to run 5K races under 22 minutes, but it’s been six years since then, and I’ve just gotten slower. So this arbitrary goal was something to work up to. Today, I thought I would run the two mile loop around my neighborhood as a starting point. The run was hard, like…really hard, and granted it was hilly and windy, but my time was 22:05…uh, what?? ELEVEN minute miles?? Are you kidding me!!? I felt like I was running really fast! After walking in the door, I had a full on break down. I mean lying on the living room floor balling like a toddler. I was crying about what a worthless person I was. I felt slow, fat and unhappy. Literally, like a contestant on The Biggest Loser.

After a 15 minute temper tantrum, I decided to re-map my route…in an effort to make myself feel better. I was thinking (hoping) the hills were more substantial than they felt. What I discovered was even more encouraging than hills. My route was actually 2.65 miles. Which means my time was around 8:18 per mile. Not awesome, but definitely not something to merit a fifteen minute crying fest on the living room floor.

So, there you have it. I’m a crazy person. I’ll keep you updated on my sub 14:00 goal, but until then, I feel like I have an equally important goal… not let stupid things affect me so tremendously.

Other than this slightly psychotic episode, my day was relatively smooth. For breakfast, I had a yummy near-empty peanut butter jar full of greek yogurt, chia seeds, and shredded wheat.

Then, while I was teaching a lesson on fractions, a mom snuck into my class and slipped this beauty into my hand. Little did she know, I had just spilled my morning mug of coffee all over my desk not 5 minutes before. (Thank you so much Jen!!)

During lunch, I had recess duty, which was gloriously sunny, and then I quickly ate leftover veggie pasta and a ham/cheese roll up.

I went grocery shopping after school, snacked on a few pretzels, went on aforementioned life crushing run, and made meatloaf for dinner the man of the house. I had a few bites, and then ate what I really wanted…carrots and hummus.

In the 3rd grade world…

I know you are all eagerly awaiting an update on the penguin story, but the verdict is still out. We received no confirmation email from mom, and when I inquired as to how the penguin was doing this morning, the boy beckoned me closer and whispered in my ear…

“It’s complicated”

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