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The Rocket

Geeez, you all sure know how to make a teacher feel good!! If only creating messes and playing tricks on my students was all it took to be good at […]


Hello Friends! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I had a blast with my day (I’ll elaborate later) and I hope you all did as well. I started my day off with […]

Too Much Talking

I’ve been talking for about 12 hours straight, and I’m sick of my voice/thoughts. With that knowledge, here are my eats today… Overnight oats with protein powder, cocoa, yogurt, almond […]

Easy Dinner for Tired Teacher

First round of parent teacher conferences were tonight, and they went well! I was finished by 7pm, home by 7:30, and eating dinner by 8:00. Not bad at all. Dinner […]

AM Ice Cream

That alarm sure came early this morning, didn’t it? I decided to do another crossfit workout this morning to wake myself up with a bang. I glanced at the clock […]

Sunday Oats

Oats don’t fill me up very well. I’m almost always still hungry at the end of the bowl, and I end up wanting another meal about two hours later. Therefore, […]

Crossfit and Ice Cream

I’ve always said that Saturdays are my favorite time for long, relaxing runs to unwind from the work week. However, this morning, I agreed to do a crossfit workout with […]

Orange you glad it’s Friday?

It’s 1:06pm and I’m home from work! Whohoo! It was a grading day, and I finished my grading last night, so this morning I organized, planned, and skedaddled out of […]

Sweet Anticipation

I love Thursdays – the anticipation of the weekend is so sweet. Made even sweeter by the fact that tomorrow is a grading day for me – which means no […]


I like lists, so here is a list of the fantastic things about my day. No surprise that most of them are food. 1. Green Purple Monster Banana, blueberries, spinach, […]