Hello! Happy Tuesday to you. Yes, you.

My day went quickly, which is always a good thing. It started  with a fantastic speedy workout as the sun was rising. I ran 100yd sprints in the wee morning hours, leaving me energized and enthusiastic about the day. I re-fueled with a green(ish) monster.

1 banana, ½ cup POM juice, 1 cup frozen spinach, ½ tsp. chia seeds, 2 cups water

During lunchtime, I had recess duty in 25mph winds. It was pretty miserable. I got a group of kiddos to exercise with me to stay warm – we skipped, hopped, ran, and grape-vined across the playground for 20minutes – we started calling ourselves the Terrific Tuesday Exercisers. Unfortunately, when I had my 10 minutes to actually eat lunch – my stomach was churning and revolting, so I ate a measly little snack instead.

½ cup cottage cheese, 2 celery ribs, ranch seasoning

My stomach started feeling better around 2pm, whereupon I had tea and a delicious bar.

I guess I’m on a carrot cake kick this week. This bar was so good! For dinner, I had leftover chili with some polenta that a co-worker gave me today (thanks Beth!)

I cooked the polenta in 3 cups chicken broth and 1 cup milk. So stinkin’ yummy – I am way excited that there are leftovers.

In the 3rd grade world…

Today, my kiddos started obsessively playing a game that they call Cheese Touch. It’s basically an on-going game of tag. If someone has the cheese touch, he or she must pass the touch on to another student be poking the victim. However, the cheese touch doesn’t transfer if the recipient’s fingers are crossed. Thus, I had a classroom full of finger-crossed kids running around poking each other all day. Also worth mentioning, my ex-chinese student calls this game The Plague.

Did you play any weird games as a kid?

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