Whooooo! I feel like a billion dollars. Butt kicking runs on Saturday mornings are THE highlight of my life. Say what you will about that, but I swear, nothing makes me happier. In hopes of reaching my goal of a sub 14:00/2 miler, my buddy Deane (the Running Machine) wrote me a personalize speed work plan. This was my first morning trying it out and holy cow it was tough – but in an excellent way. In total, it was about 7 miles, but it was broken up as I alternated between quick bursts and jogging. My body felt phenomenal. The highlight of the whole thing might have been the weather. A sunny 45 degrees, only a slight breeze…perfect running conditions.

I usually don’t eat before runs (I tend to throw it up anyway), but I didn’t have much dinner last night, and I woke up hungry. So before I headed out the door, I had two mondo glasses of water and these guys.

I piddled around the house for about an hour trying to let my food settle, and then headed out. The verdict on this pre-run breakfast? Perfect. No up-chuck, no crams, just energy.

Upon returning, I made some baby food – which is my favorite post-run meal. In this bowl: 1 sweet potato, ½ cup cooked pinto beans, salt, 2 tbs. spicy mustard, 2 tbs. salsa, nutritional yeast on top

Now I have the rest of my glorious Saturday in front of me. This is the first weekend that I have been in town in over a month. I am so excited to clean the house, and do some experimental baking. Last week, Ron at NuNaturals offered to send me some samples.

Seeing as I have an enormous sweet tooth (and butt) – I agreed! I am so excited to try some of these zero calorie sweeteners in my recipes. Thank you, Ron! I’m really looking forward to trying all of these products! I will be back with some sweet goodies…

Happy Saturday!!

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