Crazy weather here today. I started out with a nice long walk in the rain – Punky was lovin’ it. Then I came home to dry off and inhale this protein packed bowl of savory goodness.

1 egg + 2 egg whites with edamame, peas, hot sauce

I snacked on a crispy gala mid-morning. (Very Cait inspired!)

At lunch, I had leftovers, as always.

Sweet potato soup, plus some turkey pepperoni, carrots + hummus


Lemon Bumble Bar. I was a little wary of the lemon flavor because I usually steer clear of fruity bars (I had a bad experience…) – but this was GOOD! Very subtle. Not my favorite, but I still liked it. These bars have yet to disappoint.

I did some moving after work just to rev-up my energy. I ran up and down my stairs 40 times and did some push-ups and sit-ups. I was tired and sweaty afterwards…no gym needed! I would rather have gone for a run, but the weather was a little iffy (more on that later…).


Black beans and quinoa with corn and cilantro. Topped with tomatoes. Deeelish.

In the 3rd grade world…

We had a tornado today. Well, we had funnel clouds today and our town issued a “tornado warning”.

Elementary school translation: over 500 kids in the hallway on their knees and elbows, covering their heads while crying and hyperventilating. The mob mentality created complete pandemonium. We had to keep the kids like that for 15 -20 minutes while the storm passed. When the “tornado” had passed and the kids were safely back in the classroom (drying their tears and ogling at the 3 inches of hail on the ground), I played Here Comes the Sun and let the kiddos “free write” about the experience in an attempt to restore some peace and order for the last hour of school.

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