We had our end of the year party from 10:30 – 12:45, and it was extremely fun, extremely tiring, and then I babysat for the next 3 hours. Kids are crazy. I’m exhausted.

I had an unbelievable start to the day: 2.5 miles of interval training, and then some weight lifting in our garage gym. Followed by this fantastic breakfast…

Can you imagine anything better after a hard workout?

No, you can’t. Greek yogurt, roasted sweet potato, Kashi Autumn Wheat, peanut butter, cinnamon.

Lunch was pretty sad. Our party was a brunch (translation, I ate lunch at 10:45am) and I had a few handful of pretzels, a slice of bread with turkey/cheese and a slice of banana bread. I wasn’t feeling stellar afterwards. I had an apple later in the afternoon, but when the dinner hour struck, I was craving vegetables.

I cut these bad boys up, popped them in a 400* oven, and then went on a 40 min walk with the doggie. When I got home, they were nice and roasty. I piled them in a bowl, added salsa + hummus + ground flax seed.

Yeeeee-haw. Just what the doctor ordered teacher craved.

In the 3rd grade world…

Well, after dealing with poop yesterday, I was due for a laugh today. After coming inside from our party, the room was a little chaotic. In the 2.5 seconds that I paused to contemplate the best way to calm the room, a little boy got up and yelled:

Sit your asses down, right now!!

I don’t what was funnier…the fact those words came out of a nine year old, or the fact that I wish I could have said them myself.

(Don’t worry…I disciplined the student. He had to write a 3 paragraph essay about “rules of the classroom” and why it’s important to follow them, even when you’re feeling frustrated)

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