Yup. I’m excited. I have ONE day of school left. Let’s get right to it.


One smoothie: ½ frozen banana, ½ cup blackberries, 1 scoop protein powder, water

Lunch – I actually forgot my camera today, but it looked something exactly like this (which I ate a few times this weekend).

Pita, cucumber, and carrots dipped in hummus

Snack – two hardboiled eggs.


I braved 60mph winds on my walk home and made a quick dinner.

Tuna steak and veggies

We usually don’t roll like that, the steaks and all, but Meeker’s parents gave us the tuna this weekend. Deeeelish. The veggies were zucchini, sweet potato and broccoli slaw – all roasted with some olive oil at 450* for about 30 minutes. I made a sauce out of spicy mustard and soy sauce… Meeker calls it special sauce.


Plain greek yogurt with sprinkles and chocolate chips. Yup, I’m twenty-five years old and I keep the rainbow sprinkles in the house.

In the 3rd grade world…

This was the biggest cupcake I’ve ever seen. It was literally the size of my head – you can sort of get a reference point if you consider the size of the strawberries. I forgot my camera, so I begged my co-worker (who received it as a gift today) to take a picture with her cell phone and email it to me. (Thanks Mandy!) It was so big that it made me laugh…it’s sitting on a dinner-sized plate.

Also, it feels weird to only have ONE day left with my little 3rd grade nuggets tomorrow.

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