Weeeee!! It’s official, it’s now summertime. As I typed those words, I could actually feel my shoulders relaxing and my mind clearing. Teaching is an incredibly rewarding profession, but it’s hard work, folks. I can assure you that it’s necessary for teachers to recharge. Otherwise, they’d never come up with any great, new, innovative ideas, and they’d always be grumpy. Or at least that holds true for this teacher.

Maybe it’s the impending lack of structure that my life is going to take for the next two months, but I feel the need to make an organized list of the events of my day. Humor me?

  1. Even though I had to be at work an hour later today, I still woke up at 4:30am so that I could take Punky on a run without the leash. When 6am rolls round, there are a lot of people out, and I feel bad having her run around un-tethered. But at 5am, the trails belong to us, and it’s glorious to watch the sunrise while running with my free-spirited pup.

2. Although she ran circles around me this morning, Punky has been sick and throwing up for 2 days. I think she ate something yucky. Her energy is fine, but she hasn’t been eating much and when she does…it comes back up. Poor girl. At least she has the cool green grass for a bed.

3. A simple and delicious green monster post-run – nothing but spinach, protein powder, and water

4. Going to work at 8:15 instead of 7:15 makes a huge difference! I left the house feeling well rested and relaxed. Or maybe it was the lack of students in my classroom…either way, this morning was tranquil.

5. Our principal and vice principal made us breakfast! Awesome, right?

Coffee, pancakes, fruit and a teensy bit of eggs and bacon

6. I ate the pancakes and bacon, but decided I didn’t want eggs, and saved the fruit to nibble on later in the morning.

7. After a morning of cleaning and organizing, my classroom now looks like this:

8. I came home around 12:30 and decided to treat myself to a dessert lunch. Oh.my.word. The best news.

Sweet potato, greek yogurt, peanut butter, chocolate chips, and cinnamon

9. Then I finished off the yogurt container with some sprinkly additions

10. Snacktime before grocery shopping looked like this: celery, carrots, hummus, 2 olives, and sparkling water + POM juice

11. Dinner was summery and yummy – a bunless chicken burger topped with zucchini, onions, ketchup and mustard. Also, my new favorite water glass is an old kombucha bottle with a straw.

12. I have a batch of this ice cream in the freezer, and I hope it’s done soon!!

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