I just love sunshine. Love, love, love. In order to be outside for as much time as possible today, I decided to plant a flower garden.

I’ll show it to you, but you have to promise not to laugh…


I know, it’s kind of sad looking, but geeez…flowers are expensive! I spent a lot of money and all afternoon toiling in the dirt. I really hope it will fill out and expand in time. The flowers really were pretty…just small.

After laboring in the garden, I had a hankering for something fresh.

Lettuce, broccoli slaw, jicama, cucumber, salsa, hummus

To accompany this delicious salad, some trail mix and a big cracker.

When dinnertime rolled around, I was still longing for veggies.

Spaghetti squash with tomato sauce, nutritional yeast and green olives

I ended up picking off the olives because they tasted off, but after that, it was deliciously perfect. For “dessert” I had half of a sweet potato with cinnamon and some flaked coconut.

I ate all the colors of the rainbow today! Yummy colors.

Now I’m going to skedaddle out the door to take Punky on a walk before the wonderful sunshine disappears for the day. Hope your Sundays were sunny!

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