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I’ve been ravenous for weeks. Ravenous. I’ve been eating a lot, upped my protein, and I’ve still feel like a bear preparing for hibernation. For the record, I don’t photograph […]

Pancakes Anytime

Does anyone remember that jingle for pizza bagles that aired about 10 years ago? I still get it stuck in my head from time to time…pizza in the morning, pizza […]

Google It Up

I started this morning with a lot of moving. At 5:00am I walked the dog. At 6:00am I did some weight lifting, and at 7:00am I walked to school. The […]

How to have a good Sunday:

1. Wake up after 8:00am 2. Upon waking, go for a quick run. No more than 3 miles or else you’ll be starving during   church. 3. Make a dinner-plate-sized-pancake for […]

I love my food processor

Ahh, weekends are so nice. I did my share of relaxing/laying around today, and have managed to pepper in some wonderful food. Upon waking, I laid in bed for 45 […]

Big Sweet Breakfast

I love sweet breakfasts. Love. Plus, I’m always hungriest in the morning. Enter: a double batch of April’s Protien Cake. ½ cup oats One cup of water Cooked in the […]

Heart Warming

Today was a day. In an effort to stay positive, I’ll not go into too many details. I feel so blessed to have a break coming up! I went to […]

Taco Tuesday

Hola amigos! How was your day? Mine was quick, and that’s never a bad thing. Per usual, I started it early with a walk with the dog, a quick breakfast, […]

Still Hungry

Aaaand I only have 2 more Mondays left this year. What a sweet, sweet thing. This Monday started with a run con el perro, a green monster, and a walk […]

I do what I want.

I got an email from my mama this morning that just said: Your blog’s been asleep….. everything ok? Of course I called her today to wish her HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY […]