It was bound to happen. Since school ended, I have been rather productive…but today I donned my lazy pants.

It started out well. I woke up before 7, ran 6 miles, went to Bible study, had lunch with the husband/in-laws…then when I got home – NOTHING. I fell asleep while reading. Then woke up and watched TV. Then read blogs. Then walked the dog. Then read some more. It was glorious.

Backtrack to post-run breakfast…

Green(ish) monster: ½ frozen berries, 2 cups spinach, ½ cup almond milk, ½ cup water, 2 cups ice

The said lunch with in-laws…

Vegetarian salad from Costa Vida – kind of meh

I snacked a lot in the afternoon, but my lazy pants prevented me from digging my camera out of my purse. One snack I did photograph: trail mix

Eaten while engaging in a staring contest with Bellatrix.

I finally rallied for dinner and grilled up some chicken, made a cabbage slaw (dressed with oil + vinegar), and roasted some ‘taters with dill from my brother’s garden (thanks Matt and Sheila!)

This is our go-to dinner for lazy nights…the grill and salad. I’m actually kind of impressed with my initiative to roast the potatoes.

That does it.

Hope you all are having lazy evenings! If not, keep your head up, tomorrow is FRIDAY! I’m doing the weekend dance for you all…

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