The last 24 hours have been a whirlwind of fun! I left you all of with breakfast yesterday, then immediately went to spin class, went shopping, and then to a bachelorette party! This morning, I woke up early to clean my casa and then had Bible study in my formal living room (which I’m not sure I’ve ever even SAT in before – I felt like a grown-up and I liked it. Here’s the documentation…

Before I got picked up to go to the ROCKIES game for the bachelorette party – I grilled up this dinner. I didn’t want to be starving with a hot-dog-only option at the game.

Grilled chicken, green beans, potatoes

Coors Field! Wheeeeee – I love baseball games. Summer much?

It was the most exciting game ever – the Rockies beat the Red Sox in the bottom of the 9th with 2 home runs in a row. Phenom.

Me and the bride…we’ve known each other since preschool. People used to think we were twins when we were nuggets. Not as much now.

The crew. I’m in the red with the obligatory Coors Light – I was at Coors Field after all. After the game, downtown Denver was roaring with baseball pride, and we had fun romping around yelling “GO ROCKIES!” at strangers. A fun night.

Then this morning, after what felt like a couple minutes of sleep, I bounded out of bed to make my house tidy. Confession: one of my worst fears is having people think my house is dirty and gross.

The formal living room. Usually this room belongs to the kitties, but I locked them in the basement and took over this morning.

Food for the group.

No one ate anything, but I always like to have food (and coffee) available when people come over. It makes me more comfortable.

After they left, I had an Asian inspired salad…

Cabbage, broccoli slaw, grilled green beans, chicken, and a dressing of peanut butter + soy sauce + water

Yummers. Alright, I’m off to get my hair cut for the first time in 1.5 years! Eeeek.

Happy Thursday, friends.

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