I DID IT!!!!

Remember when I set the seriously lofty goal of running 2 miles/sub 14:00 minutes?

Well, my friends, today was the day. In all honestly, I could have probably done it a month ago (thanks to Deane’s training program he wrote for me!) – but I was held back by FEAR. For the last month, just the thought of that goal made me exchange my running shoes for the yoga mat (or the spin bike, or the weights). I was petrified that I had set this goal, told YOU all about it, and then I might fail. So I just didn’t try. But today – I tricked myself into just doing it. It really was that simple…just do it. Thanks Nike.

Here is the self-deception strategy I employed…

  1. I put my gym clothes on to do errands (and packed my ipod and waterbottle) – but told myself I didn’t HAVE to go to the gym.
  2. I intentionally drove by the gym
  3. I pulled in the parking lot (still not planning on doing it…)
  4. Got out of the car and told myself to just get on the treadmill and walk
  5. After .20 miles on the treadmill, in a moment of bravery, I QUICKLY (that was the key) pumped up the pace to 6:58/mile – and told myself to JUST RUN ONE MILE.
  6. ¾ of the way through the 1st mile, I just kept chanting…you can do it, you can do it, you can do it
  7. I cranked up the music on my ipod, and did the damn thing.
  8. 2 miles in 13:54

It was NOT EASY. Not even a little bit, but I just HAD to do it. I knew I could, I just left my fear in the car, and pumped it out. The last time I ran that quickly was at a cross country meet during my senior year of high school…7 years ago. (That’s really hard to believe.) But, I am SO proud of myself. Sure, it was only 2 miles, but I reached my goal and that feels good.


Okay, what did I eat to fuel me through this super-dooper run today?

Well, before that Punky and I went to the dog park, and I had some trail mix on the way. The dog park was so fun – it was a gorgeous day, and I love it when Punky can just run and run.

I took this picture of her in my rear view mirror on the way home – she’s so tired here. I love it.


Spinach, carrots, celery, artichokes, nutritional yeast, hummus, balsamic vinegar

Monthly dinner with girls – Libby and Liz.

We ate at a place called The Counter – a make-your-own-burger joint. We started with fries…

Shoe-stringy and delicious.

Burger without a bun on lettuce with black beans, corn roasted red peppers and grilled onions.

It had been a while since I had beef burger, and it tasted really good. I probably ate about ½ before I was full.

Now I’m at home on the couch watching The Bachelorette – full of drama this week!! Adios amigos!

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