Sometimes my food is weird. Sometimes my food is delicious. Sometimes it’s ugly. Today, it was beautiful…

I think fruit is always gorgeous. Especially in the morning sunlight.

Today’s fruit mix was apple, banana, mango, blackberry, coconut, walnuts, almonds and cinnamon with vanilla soy milk. It was beautiful and the taste did not disappoint either. Actually, breakfast is rarely disappointing.

See? Beauty.

You know who doesn’t think breakfast is beautiful?

This guy.

Meeker is not a morning person. I most certainly am. This was the first time we had eaten breakfast together in years, and while he prefers silence for the first hour of his day, I prefer to antagonize him with mindless chatter and by whipping out my camera. In fact, when I took this picture, he had just finished saying: Take your finger off the trigger. Now. (The trigger being the camera button – apparently this picture was just as painful as if I had a gun in my hand).

After Meeker forgave me for the breakfast table shenanigans, we went to the dog park. It was so warm and wonderful. We walked IN the river for most of the time we were there, and we returned home muddy, wet and smiling. Oh, and hungry.

Lunch was beautiful meal number two

I think vegetables and eggs are pretty. Even in a close up…

Yup, food is beautiful.

Even something as simple as coffee can be beautiful. It doesn’t hurt that brown is one of my favorite colors. Yes, brown. It’s a favorite.

Normally, I like my morning coffee black. No cream, no sugar. But if I’m looking for an afternoon pick-me-up, I almost always add (soy) milk and stevia.

Another beautifully simple thing? Coffee ice cubes. When they melt, they don’t dilute your wonderful coffee concoction. Delightful, no? Just pour the leftovers from the coffee pot into ice cube trays and store in your freezer. Easy peasy.

Dinner was just as lovely…

Turkey meatballs on top of cucumber, jicama and a lime juice + agave dressing…all sprinkled with chili powder

Okay, maybe meatballs are inherently beautiful, but anytime I can be outside eating dinner – it’s a beautiful thing.

And dessert is always beautiful. Even when it’s just scooped out of a carton.

What foods do you think are beautiful? For me, fruit always wins a foodie beauty contest, and dessert is a close second – no matter what it is.

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