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Protein Pants

I loved hearing all of your favorite seasons! I think the majority of the votes were for summer, but fall/spring were close seconds. Winter lost. Hah – serves its snowy […]

Monday Morning

I’m glad I’m not alone in my adoration of summetime. It really is the best season, and no one can convince me otherwise. I started out this day with ½ […]

I love summer too much.

Hello Friends! I hope you all had nice weekends, and got to celebrate the lovely summer weather and the dads in your lives. I was fortunate enough to do both! […]

A little flax in my coffee

Good Morning! The happiest of Friday to you all! I’m currently soaking up the sun at my kitchen table. A cat by my side, a dog at my feet. Life […]


It was bound to happen. Since school ended, I have been rather productive…but today I donned my lazy pants. It started out well. I woke up before 7, ran 6 […]

Leftover Salad Central

Wow…that spin class this morning was ridiculous! There were only six people in the class, and everybody was huffing, puffing, and dripping sweat for the entire 60 minutes. I loved […]


Sitting in the sun and eating out of an ice cream bowl for breakfast is fun. I woke up craving this breakfast again. Just 3 healthy ingredients into the food […]

How to…

Build the perfect taco salad! Start with a bed of lettuce, and then pile on the toppings… My personal favorites include homegrown tomatoes green onions, CILANTRO (my fave), red peppers… […]

Food Processor Love

I just love my bright green baby cutting board! Also, I used my food processor for EVERY meal today. The veggies are self-explanatory, but the orange blob is: 1 sweet […]

Small and Mighty

Good Morning! (I realize that it’s 10am, and many of you live in a time-zone where it’s already lunch). As for me, it’s still (sort of) morning, I’m still expeRAWmenting, […]