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Auntie Camp Part II

Guess who likes green monsters? This girl. And this girl. (See the green mustache?) And most of all, this boy. He didn’t stop until the glass was licked clean. The […]

Auntie Camp Part I

It’s raining, it’s pouring… Go figure that the weekend I am keeping my brother’s 3 kids it POURS the entire time. We did get a nice long romp in the […]

Smoothies, Exercise, Friends and Hail

Yesssssss for Thursday. It started out with an insanely good smoothie. Closer… I used Janetha’s favorite recipe – and it is worthy of the “favorite status” – It was so […]


Thank you all so much for the fantastic book recommendations! I have more than enough to last me through the summer…so excited. If you are looking for something good to […]


I’ve been experimenting with raw food a lot in the last few weeks. I have no intention of striving for a 100% raw diet, but during the summer, the produce […]


First, thank you all so much for your kind words about Max. I was actually really nervous to post something so close to my heart – but your compassion really […]

All Summer

Many of you have asked “what are you going to do all summer?” Well, I now have a full week of summer vacation under my belt, and I’ve already settled […]

Max Weekend

During the summers of my childhood, I probably spent an average of 8 hours a day at The Little Dipper Pool. The pool is tiny. There is no slide, and […]


Meet my best friend, Jocelyn. Smiley. We met in high school while stretching before a cross country run. We both had sparkly pink toenails. That’s kind of thing that good […]

Huggin’ Fat

I love me some Thursdays. Even on vacation – it’s such a sweet day. I like sweet things… Breakfast Watermelon + apples Sweet, juicy and delicious Lunch Weird hodge podge […]