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Mmm, I just made the yummiest pancake for breakfast. Ingredients ¼ cup almond flour ¼ cup smashed banana (about ½ a small banana) ¼ cup canned pumpkin 1 tbs. Sweetener […]

A carrot slushie?

Last night as we were falling asleep Meeker turned to me and said: Do you want to come to the gym with me early tomorrow morning so I can run […]

Just following cravings

Like Melissa pointed out, I killed all my junk food cravings yesterday. From French fries to cake…I did it all. Which left me with a need for green when I […]

No Rhyme or Reason

There is no rhyme or reason to what I ate today. I didn’t plan any of my meals, and I just ate the first thing that popped into my head […]

My battle with the coconut

Maybe it’s because I just got back from a vacation in Mexico, but I was struck with the urge to buy a whole coconut yesterday. This morning, I woke up […]

Who doesn’t love French Fries?

The best day of the week (Thursday) was a busy one! I went for an early morning run, bible study, grocery store, my co-worker’s house to help with is little […]

Early Bird Special

Since this morning’s post was so wordy, I’ll make this brief for you all. I started the day with some chia pudding topped with dried coconut. I love the texture. […]

Some Housekeeping Items

Hello!! I missed you all while I was speaking Spanish down in Mexico. On the plane ride back I actually considered writing my vacation recap post all in espanol just […]


I’m back from Mexico! We went to Playa del Carmen with Meeker’s family and some family friends of theirs. The trip was short, but refreshing, relaxing, and rejuvenating (RRR). Look […]

Blog Birthday Giveaway!

Happy Blog Birthday to Yes, I want cake! I cannot believe I’ve been at this gig for a year – I honestly love it MORE than when I started. In […]