Happy (late) 4th of July! I was going, going, going…from sunrise to sundown. Meeker and I started with an early raceThe Independence Day 5k.

Post-Run. My time was around 24 minutes – I wasn’t thrilled, but I also wasn’t running as fast as I could, it was just fun! Then we watched a parade, and went to breakfast with Meeker’s parents (his dad also ran the race).

Basil-Tomato Omelet with hash browns. The omelet was lacking, but the hash browns were delectable. I polished those off and left about half the omelet. In all honesty, it’s pretty hard to go wrong with fried potatoes.

Then I came home to make a CAKE. Yes, I want cake. Especially on holidays.

I made Punky pose with me to distract you from seeing the frosting in my hair and on my shirt.

This is the only cake Meeker likes, and I think the last time I made it was about a year ago. He ate some last night before bed and woke up this morning with frosting on his face. It was adorable.

I just used a basic white layer cake recipe, but the frosting…oh the frosting. I wish I could tell you it was easy to make, or healthy. But the truth is – it’s neither. However, it is worth it on all levels. No one ever got fat from 1 slice of cake with heavenly icing. I also can’t take credit for the icing…it’s a Classic 7-minute Frosting. Although, the name is really false advertising because it takes about 25 minutes from start to finish, but it is oh so worth it. I also boiled some berries in about ¼ cup water with 1 tbs. of sugar to make it pretty look like a volcano.

I wrapped up the cake, and we headed to my in-laws for the rest of the night. We spent the evening sitting by the fire and trying to stay out of the rain, as we played trivia games and cards.

My brother-in-law who took one for the team and sat in the rain. Thanks Robby.

Meeker thinking as his dad asked trivia questions.

Standard dinner. Yummy pork tenderloin, baked beans, salad and green beans.

Meeker and I trying to stay warm as it got later – and rainier and colder (the glow bracelets helped). We got home way after midnight, so I slept in this morning, and then dragged myself out of bed to eat more frosting.

I wanted to just spoon it straight into my mouth, but I thought putting it atop berries was more breakfast appropriate.

I hope you all had great holiday weekends (with any luck yours was warmer and drier than ours – we didn’t even see ONE firework!). Happy Monday!!

Are you a frosting person? What is your favorite kind? Or do you eat just eat the cake?

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