Since this morning’s post was so wordy, I’ll make this brief for you all. I started the day with some chia pudding topped with dried coconut.

I love the texture. It’s like tiny tapioca that’s not quite so dense. Have you tried it yet?

I was hungry early, so at 11:15 I had lunch, a turkey burger salad.

It looks pretty boring, but there was a lot of good going on in there: lettuce,
broccoli slaw, roasted potatoes, mushrooms, turkey burger with hum-acue (hummus + bbq sauce) for dressing.

I went to the gym after lunch, and asked the hub to give me a butt kicking strength workout – which he did, and now I can’t move my arms. Job well, done, Meek. Afterwards I had a very un-photogenic banana/coconut protein shake.

I ate dinner at 4:42pm – my muscles were hungry after that workout!

Grilled chicken sausage, sautéed broccoli slaw, grilled corn

Is there anything more summery than grilled corn??


Considering I hit up the early bird special for dinner, I’m sure I’ll be snacky later…I’m thinking some melon or peaches. I’m deep into summer-food mode right now; let’s not discuss that fact that I have less than 3 weeks until school starts. (Eeek! Why did I even type that?!?)

What time do you eat dinner? I have no set meal times during the summer. I eat when I’m hungry. Sometimes 4:30, sometimes 8:30.

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