Hello!! I missed you all while I was speaking Spanish down in Mexico. On the plane ride back I actually considered writing my vacation recap post all in espanol just to keep the vacation mentality alive¸ pero, yo no sé si alguien lo entendería.

The first item of business is this:

Please bear with me as I’m making some changes to the blog look, and I actually want to bake a cake today to get a new picture for my header. I’m excited. All should be said and done by lunchtime.


I can now do 16 real push-ups in a row! I am actually surprised at how quickly I have improved. To build up to this, I have been doing between 30-40 real push-ups a day (sometimes incline push-ups on my coffee table if I’m feeling weak), but scattered into sets of 10s, 8s, and 4s. I love seeing progress so quickly, but for some reason – I have a really hard time motivating myself to actually do them. I usually remember when I’m watching TV at night – and then I just break them up throughout a TV show…better than nothing!


First of all – I LOVED reading all of your jokes. It provided for some entertainment at the airport while I was waiting to board the plane back home. Thank you!!

Using random.org, the giveaway winner is…

Congrats, I will email you the coupon code! Happy shopping!

With that, I’m off to bake a cake for a photo shoot…

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