Maybe it’s because I just got back from a vacation in Mexico, but I was struck with the urge to buy a whole coconut yesterday. This morning, I woke up and wanted to break it open immediately. Easier said than done.

I hacked at it with a big butcher knife for a while, and that did nothing but throw brown coconut shrapnel all over my kitchen. So I went out to the garage and came back withโ€ฆ

A hammer. At 6:30am. My neighbors probably thought I had lost my mind, but it doesn’t matter, it yielded a beautiful thing.

After I made the initial crack, sweet coconut water started coming out (kind of like a piรฑata), and I put it over a glass to drain. Once it had emptied, I wedged my butcher knife into the fissure and hacked away until I had successfully split it open.

A true beauty. I nibbled on the edges for a while (I used to love doing this in my mom’s kitchen when I was younger), and then made the most glorious bowl of fruit cereal you’ve ever tasted.

Peaches, strawberries, fresh coconut, and vanilla soy milk.

It was so pretty that I had to make it my new header. I realize it’s not cake, but it is gorgeous food, and I like gorgeous food just as much as I like cake. So there.

Happy Friday Friends!!

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