Like Melissa pointed out, I killed all my junk food cravings yesterday. From French fries to cake…I did it all. Which left me with a need for green when I woke up this morning. My body is pretty dang good at telling me what it needs.

Breakfast number one was some serious green.

1 cup frozen spinach, ¼ avocado, ½ frozen banana, water

It tasted green and healthy, which is just what I was looking for. After downing this, I went for a nice long run with Punky. The only thing I wanted when I got back was more smoothie action. This time I ventured outside of my kitchen for…

I am so very Inta Juice.

The Islander – guava, passion fruit, mango, and peach

When snacktime rolled around – I was seriously craving crunchy green things.

Broccoli slaw with balsamic vinegarette

I get a lot of questions about my broccoli slaw. I don’t make it. I buy it in a bag.

One of the easiest/best things on my grocery list every week. $2.50 well spent.

After snacktime, I went to my co-worker’s house to help him out with his adorable 6 month old baby boy. When I came home – it was lunch time. Enter green and orange veggies.

Raw carrots, raw green beans, cooked edamame + soy vay and bbq sauce for dressing

I ate this alongside a sparkling water + POM juice mix.

POM offered to send me a case of blueberry POM juice to sample, and I jumped at the chance to stock my fridge with this tasty stuff.

Around mid-afternoon, I put my new POM drink to use to flavor some chipped ice.

Last school year, a student gave me a slushi maker for an end of the year gift, and I’m embarrassed to say that two years later – this was the first time I’d used it. What took me so long??! This was such a perfect summer afternoon snack. After about 10 minutes, the juice had kind of pooled at the bottom – but I enjoyed it thoroughly.


Dinner was another veggies success. First I grilled some of my favorites.

Zucchini, eggplant, red onions

Then I chopped them up, added some rice and bbq sauce…

Deeeeelish. This dinner will be repeated. In fact, this whole day of eating might be repeated. My cravings led me down the right path.

Meeker and I just decided to turn on the AC for the first time this summer. It’s supposed to be over 100 tomorrow, so we thought it was time. I’m off to enjoy my cool house!

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