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Now, if you’ll excuse me

Have you seen that episode of The Office where Jim and Pam get back from their honeymoon, and that have a personal joke where they keep using a silly voice […]

Chia Mania

You all expressed so much interest in the chia seed pudding on Sunday, I thought I would show you exactly how I do it. Plus, I woke up craving it […]

The People Park

Spin class was awesome this morning. I love the 6am Tuesday/Thursday teacher (Paul) – hence the 5am wake-up call during the summer. Not only does he PUSH the class to […]

So Hot In…

…Colorado! Finally, it’s warm here. Summer warm. Sweating while I put away laundry warm. And I love it. I knew it was going to be a hot one today, so […]

Sunday Things

Thanks for all your snacky suggestions – I have been in snack heaven for the last two days! You guys really know your stuff. I don’t know why snacks throw […]


…I just drive. And sometimes gorgeous scenery like this makes me forget about Colorado’s eight-month-long winter. Sometimes Meeker and I drive up to the highest point in our town and […]

Moovin’ and groovin’

Hello Friends! My day was full of movement and I loved it. I started out this morning with a 6am spin class, followed by a nice long walk with Punky. […]

Rain, rain, you can stay.

Despite the rain, today was fantastic. Usually when the weather is icky like today, the best way for me to deal with it is to just go for it, and […]

A Three-Parter

I woke up to a rainy, cloudy, chilly Wednesday. To combat the dreary weather, I had a three-part breakfast that was sure to brighten the day. Part One – coffee […]


Have you ever bought chicken thighs instead of chicken breasts? Well, I have. The thighs were so much cheaper at the grocery store today, and I thought what the heck? […]