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More Summerland

More busy-ness in summerland! No complaints, though – it’s all been super fun. After lunch yesterday I drove down to my parents house (they live about an hour away) where […]

The 4th

Happy (late) 4th of July! I was going, going, going…from sunrise to sundown. Meeker and I started with an early race – The Independence Day 5k. Post-Run. My time was […]


Cake is legit. Especially for breakfast. When we had cake in the house growing up (which wasn’t very often), it was always a perfectly reasonable choice for breakfast. It was […]


Meet my latest food love. A toasted millet bread sandwich. So simple and delicious, it’s silly. Millet bread is a little more dense than regular, but it has such a […]

You can count on it…

Meeker’s little brother flew into town tonight, so we went to dinner at my in-laws house. We probably eat dinner there once a week. The food at my fantastic in-laws […]

The next big thing

Whee!! Good morning! I started mine off with an incredibly sweaty spin class at 6 this morning. Now I’m feeling energized and ready to tackle the day. I ate a […]