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The Trunchbull

Ahhh, it feels so good to be sitting on my couch. I was exhausted all day. If you’re interested to see what my student’s think of me when I’m exhausted, […]

Ocho Nueve

Hey pals! How was your Monday? Mine was just about as good as smooth as you could hope for. My kids were CHATTY, but otherwise, not too bad. I started […]


The only noteworthy activities of my day have been eating veggies and raw carrot cake. (Not together…although I guess if you count the carrots in the cake, the two technically […]

Sand Cereal

This morning I woke up with a hankering for more of those raw snickerdoodle cookies, so after my workout – I broke out the blender again. But this time, instead […]

Tomorrow is Thursday.

More of the same routine today. I’m not complaining – I like to have a regimented schedule. After my workout, I had a small breakfast. Well, it looked small, but […]


I feel like I’m getting back into the swing of things. Back on track with the old routine. Wake-up, work-out, shower, eat breakfast. I tried to put the broccoli slaw […]

Food is my love language

Ahhh. My class was rowdy and chatty today, and it feels nice to be sitting in a quite house right now. I couldn’t sleep last night AT ALL. I woke […]

Church on Saturday Night

Going to church on Saturday night allows for insanely relaxing Sunday mornings like I’m currently having. Last week I found these baguette chips for $0.99 at the grocery store. Now, […]

Rainbow Salad

Hello friends! I’ve had a busy, but good day. A long run, errands, lunch with in-laws, church, and then home for my veggie-fill. To make this rainbow salad you need: […]

Bad Planning

I know I’ve written a post on this same subject before, but today I food planned so poorly. It started out okay… Banana cut in half with peanut butter, flax […]