Today was my last day of summer vacation. Waaaah! Actually, I’m halfway excited about it. Summer went too fast, but the beginning of the school year is always so exciting – the new kiddos, freshly sharpened pencils, school supplies, clean desks – a fresh start!

In other news, we are (more than) a little tight on our budget this week, so my eats were pretty darn boring. We can’t squeeze in a grocery trip until next week, so I’m making a lot of pantry meals this week.

After taking Punky on a long walk, breakfast was an unphotographed bowl of brown rice with agave drizzled on top – I assure you that will be my breakfast more than a few times in the upcoming week – so you will see it.


Tuna salad (1 small can of tuna + spicy mustard + pickles) eaten with a carrot. The last carrot in the house.

Then I gnawed on some coconut for satiation purposes.

I don’t know of a way to get the flesh off the coconut without just chewing on it (which I am totally okay with). Any tips??

After lunch I went to the gym and lifted heavy things for about an hour, ran some errands, then came home, drank a protein shake…

1 scoop Sun Warrior protein powder, 1 cup mixed frozen fruit, 2 cups water

And painted my toenails pink!

Hmm, they look red. Trust me – they are neon pink. A good color for the start of the school year.

Dinner was a favorite cheapy.

Rice, pinto beans, and salsa – all sprinkled with garlic powder

And that’s it! Nothing too crazy for the last day of summer vacation, but it was nice just to putter around and get stuff done. I’m going to get in bed early tonight in hopes to start the school year out well rested!


Did you like the ‘first day of school’ as a kid? I loved it – I’ve always been a sucker for new organization and office supplies. Plus, you got to see all of your friends!

What’s your favorite cheap meal? Rice and beans is probably mine. I bet the above bowl cost less than $1 if I broke it down into servings!

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