I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday night! Time flies when you have a job…

I started this morning with some strength training, a shower, and breakfast eaten en route to work.

Brown rice, soy milk, cinnamon, sweetener + ½ a banana

I was going for a rice pudding type of thing, but this wasn’t really that good. Honestly, the best part was the bananas. Remember when I hated bananas? Plus, I was hungry about 30 seconds later…it made for a long morning. But I love my pink bowl – it matched my outfit today!

On the way out the door.


Veggies. Don’t worry, this wasn’t all – I ate a powerbar while I was at recess duty.

When I came home at 6pm, I was crazed with hunger, and thought this snack was a good idea.

Canned green beans with sunflower and pumpkin seeds

After I ate this, I literally said aloud: What was I thinking? It’s not that it tasted awful, just odd. Oh well, it fueled me enough to make a proper dinner.

Sautéed cabbage, roasted potatoes and a beef burger – yes, I ate it all with chopsticks and it was deeelicious. By far the most satisfying meal of the day.

In the 3rd grade world…

A girl after my own heart.

Draw a picture of your favorite place in your community. Baskin Robbins. Yesssss.

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