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Happy Friday! I took Punky on an hour long walk this morning, and got to watch the most beautiful sunrise I’ve seen in a long time. The entire sky – […]

Just for grins

I wrote this post this morning. I am currently at back to school night, meeting my kiddos and schmoozing it up with the parents. I wanted to share my newest […]


I totally forgot how much energy I get from being around people all day!! I am just buzzing right now…bzzzz. I am a true extrovert. My first day of school […]

A little glam.

Today is Meeker and my 3rd wedding anniversary. Ahh, that was a fun day. I would like to tell you that I got up and made The Meek a special […]

The Last Hurrah

Today was my last day of summer vacation. Waaaah! Actually, I’m halfway excited about it. Summer went too fast, but the beginning of the school year is always so exciting […]


Fun fact: I have a relative named Texas Elizabeth. How cool is that? I got you guys all excited for the recap of my trip to Amarillo, TX…but it will […]

Lone Star State of Mind

I’m back from Texas. I love the lone star state – it’s hot and humid, there’s Mexican food galore, and best of all my family lives there. More details to […]