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Crazy Hair Day

My eyelids are getting heavy, so I’m going to make this quick. Breakfast I had a bowl of shredded wheat at 6am, and then this coffee on my way to […]

A story

Whoopsies! I left my camera at school today. My food consisted of bread, green monster, pb & agave sandwich, popcorn, and these turkey roll-ups for dinner. (I’m sure I ate […]

I love bread, apples and squash

I just want you guys to know I’ve had a resurgent love affair with bread. I swear to you – I’ve eaten more bread in the last 4 days than […]


I have to apologize in advance because my eating today was dull. No creativity, no inspiration. Today, food was just fuel. Breakfast veggie scramble – 2 eggs, red pepper, green […]

Vibrant Vail

I promise I’ll share the first half of my weekend, but first, I wanted to show you all my Sunday. Meeker suggested we drive up to Vail, CO to see […]

Love Fest

Just returned from a 36 hour love fest with the girls in my family. A lot of eating, laughing, shopping, and quoting You’ve Got Mail. Full update to come…

Dynamite Dinner

This dinner kind of happened by accident when I came home tonight. I started with just the cous-cous, but then realized some veggies would be nice. When I had finished […]

Smooth Sailing

No complaints about today – everything has been pretty smooth sailing this week. And that’s a great thing. Breakfast Eaten at school. A baggie full of Puffins, and Fage Greek […]

Double the Food

Breakfast It’s been a while since I’d had greek yog for breakfast. I’ve missed it. I added peanut butter and agave to this little guy. Lunch Big fat salad Mesculin […]

Salmon Salad

When I woke up this morning, I had no intentions of spending the game at a football game – but that is what ended up happening. I actually planned on […]