Remember the bag of apples I got yesterday? I’ve been a busy apple eater during the last 2 days…

Last night’s dessert – 2 apples, sautéed in some apple juice with cinnamon and agave. Then I added some oats and brown sugar for a crunchy topping, and put it all over some greek yogurt.

This morning, I had the leftover sautéed apples on some waffles with peanut butter.

And today for snack, apples were eaten.


In the 3rd grade world…

Okay, so this is really a mesh of the food world and the third grade world.

I got the SWEETEST gift from Janetha yesterday! The little bag they came in said Chef’s Pencil Set.

Each one has a cooking term and definition on it.

Have you ever seen anything so awesome?! Janetha, you are such a sweet face. These totally made my week. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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