It’s been a while since I’d had greek yog for breakfast. I’ve missed it. I added peanut butter and agave to this little guy.


Big fat salad

Mesculin greens, kidney beans, acorn squash, carrots, dill, parsley, balsamic vinegar + evoo


Jessica’s homemade cinnamon maple applesauce
โ€“ Unbelievable. Ten minutes to squishy apple bliss. Go make it.


Quinoa pasta with zucchini + spinach + red onion sauce

Meeker is the sauce master in our house. I can never season it right, so I added the veggies and tomato sauce, and then he made it taste yummy. Sometimes it takes two.

And sometimes I eat way more than I photograph, like today. I snacked Some things that didn’t make an appearance on camera:

  • 2-3 handfuls of dry puffins
  • 2 apples + peanut butter
  • Bag of popcorn
  • Handful of peanut M&Ms

My kids were giving me a hard time about eating throughout the whole day (really, they just wanted in on the popcorn action), and I told them I was at least double their size, so I needed to eat double the food. They bought it.

Also, thank you so much for your unbelievably kind comments on my teaching post. I feel so loved and appreciated. Your words meant so much, and I love you all!

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