No complaints about today – everything has been pretty smooth sailing this week. And that’s a great thing.


Eaten at school. A baggie full of Puffins, and Fage Greek Yogurt with honey. The honey was kind of hard, so I ended up just eating the yogurt plain, and snacking on the cereal throughout the morning.


Leftovers from last night

Quinoa pasta, zucchini + red onion + spinach sauce (And a timer set for 16 minutes in the background. Fact: 16 minutes is longer than I had to eat lunch today). I don’t know if it was because I was so hungry, but this pasta was the best tasting thing I’d had in weeks. So stinking good.

Snack was 2 apples + peanut butter, eaten mid-teaching. I also had a bag of popcorn sometime today. I’m a snacker.


Veggies + hummus

Orange juice + raspberries + banana + ice

I keep meaning to bring one of my student’s essays home to share with you all, but I’ve forgotten two days in a row – darn it! I’ll try my hardest to bring it to tomorrow. It’s worth waiting for.

What is your favorite meal of the day? I’ve always said breakfast, but lately, breakfast has been feeling like a hassle. Weird?

Are you watching The Biggest Loser tonight?? I’m so excited, I am going to watch it as soon as I hit publish!

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