This dinner kind of happened by accident when I came home tonight. I started with just the cous-cous, but then realized some veggies would be nice. When I had finished that, I envisioned an egg on top of the whole mess – and voila, a dynamite dinner.

Oh yeah, I put a spicy mustard + soy sauce mix over the top.

Not too shabby.

In the 3rd grade world…

I was listening to one of my students read aloud today when we came across the name “Al” – as in short for “Albert”. But when my student came to this name, he said “A.1.” – as in the steak sauce. I let it slide, and figured he was just hungry. But when he did it a 2nd time, I stopped him and said…

What is the character’s name?

He again replied, A.1.

I asked, Have you ever heard anyone called by that name in real life?

And he replied, Yeah, my neighbor’s name is A.1.

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