I just want you guys to know I’ve had a resurgent love affair with bread. I swear to you – I’ve eaten more bread in the last 4 days than I have in the last 4 months combined. It used to hurt my tummy, but last Saturday, I ordered and ate a butter croissant. I felt good all day after eating it – and I haven’t looked back. Thank goodness.

With that knowledge…breakfast!

One piece of buttered toast, one piece of cinnamon toast with stevia instead of sugar

Then for lunch…more bread.

The best apple I’ve ever eaten (an organic honeycrisp) and a peanut butter + agave sandwich


another apple + peanut butter

And for dinner…my first kabocha of the fall!

Kabocha squash, cut up, drizzled with evoo, sprinkled with salt and roasted @ 450* for 40 minutes – I had about 5x this amount, it’s so dang good. So dang.

In the 3rd grade world…

This is spirit week at my school – which means each day the kids get to dress up in a fun way. Today was “dress like a teacher day” – which meant that the teachers had to dress like the students.

Yup, I took this in the bathroom before I left school today. My kiddos wear uniforms, so I went to the Salvation Army last night and found this little ensemble for only $7 – then borrowed all the silly bandz from my students. I had fun dressing like an 8 year old today.

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