Whoopsies! I left my camera at school today. My food consisted of bread, green monster,
pb & agave sandwich, popcorn,
and these turkey roll-ups for dinner. (I’m sure I ate more than that, I just can’t really think of it all at this point.)


In the 3rd grade world…

When I read this story the first time, I was sitting at my desk laughing so hard one of my kids asked if I was crying. There is nothing particularly humorous about it, I just found it charming, and I wanted to share it with you all.

    A boy named Bobby was visiting Egypt.  It was a hot day. Now you might think Oh! Egypt is always hot! But it was hotter than usual because…..it was raining fireballs! Meanwhile, in Paris, it’s snowing hard. In the meantime, Japan is flooding with water. Then, suddenly, Bobby turns into a superhero. He also finds a partner named Finn. Then, all of a sudden the horrible stormy weather stops! After his visit in Egypt, Bobby becomes a gym teacher. 

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