My eyelids are getting heavy, so I’m going to make this quick.


I had a bowl of shredded wheat at 6am, and then this coffee on my way to school.

soy latte with a shot of pumpkin

Leftover kabocha + some popcorn (in the background)

These honeycrisp apples are insane – I’ve never had anything so crisp and juicy.

I just bought 8 more at the grocery store yesterday – I cannot get enough. In fact, for my snack at home, I had another…

English muffin with apple slices and cheddar cheese – put under the broiler for a few minutes – plus the rest of the delicious apple.

After this snack I went for a nice long walk – I love fall afternoons. I get to see pee wee football at the park, the leaves changing, and lots of people out with the doggies. So refreshing.

After the walk, we went out for pizza with my in-laws, who are leaving tomorrow for a 2 week trip to China! I didn’t take pictures because it was dark – but I had a slice of veggie pizza and a salad. Yumm-meee.

In the 3rd grade world…

Today was crazy hair/mismatched clothes day. Talk about crazy students. Holy moly. It didn’t help that I looked like a fool all day, too…

Unicorn-like pony tail, plaid shirt, and cow print slippers.


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